dovia_jpeg3.jpgWhat is DOVIA?

DOVIA is recognized around the world as a professional volunteer management organization, with the local Mississippi Valley DOVIA chapter covering Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois.

Mission Statement:

The mission of DOVIA is to enhance the development and growth of volunteer program administrators through communication, education, networking, and to promote volunteerism in the Quad Cities.

DOVIA Purpose:

-Develop goals and professional skills of those who direct volunteers through educational training.

-Secure increased public interest, awareness, and participation in volunteerism.

-Promote and maintain a professional association among those who work within the volunteer field.

-Promote communication between agencies, interested organizations, institutions, the general public, and DOVIA.

Who are DOVIA members?

-Community Organizations

-Educational Organizations

-Health Organizations

-Human Service Organizations



-Religious Organizations

-Retirement Facilities

-Senior Citizen Programs

-Youth Service Organizations